Living in the interstitial of logic & human behavior

After receiving my bachelor’s from the University of California at Berkeley, I worked in the Finance Industry where I had front row seats to the worst global financial crisis since the Great Depression. 

Wanting to solve meaningful problems, I forged my way to design and enrolled in a graphic design program to build a solid foundation. For the past 8 years, I’ve worked on a diverse array of challenges from new user experience to designing for scale and changing mental models.

I've learned that when designers and engineers come together to research, ideate, create, and build, we can create magic. And when we approach problems on a systems level with our cross-functional peers, we can build success.

I’ve worked on solving problems in numerous spaces from Consumer, Healthcare, Enterprise, Social Gaming, and more. I'm not looking for new work, but am open to speaking at your event; I’m always interested in chatting about meaningful problems at the intersection of design, business, and human interactions. Let’s chat.


Featured Talks & Publications

Mentor (active): US Department of State | TechWomen • San Francisco

Speaker: Layers Conf | Beyond Pixels: Designing Human Experiences • San Jose • View Here

Panel Speaker: AIGA's SF Design Week | Task Rabbit | Designing for Multi-sided Marketplaces • San Francisco

Speaker: Designers & Geeks | Scaling Human Experiences • San Francisco • View Here

Panel Speaker: Girls Who Code • San Francisco

Workshop: SAAS Generation • Santiago, Chile

Publication: Forbes | The Glamour of Silicon Valley • View Here

Speaker: Bay Area Girl Geek Dinners • View Here

Publication: Women 2.0 | Do We Have To Give Up Our Femininity • View Here

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