Unlimited from Postmates

One of the most high-profile products at Postmates, Unlimited offers members free delivery on orders over $20. Unlimited gives frequent users a cheaper delivery option than competitors while building user loyalty. 


2.5x increase in average daily signups, 60% increase from old Postmates Plus Unlimited to new Postmates Unlimited, positive press coverage and public reactions.


interaction design, visual design, and motion exploration


iOS, Android, mobile web, desktop web





The membership terms of Unlimited changed significantly from Postmates Plus Unlimited to the new Unlimited, so the visual design and copy were incredibly important in underscoring the value of the new Unlimited. I mapped the user journey so no entry point or screen would be missed, and went wide on visual explorations. 

Since Unlimited is a core part of the business, I paired with Marketing for consistency in language and tone between Product and Marketing to ensure a smooth experience between entry points to Unlimited from Marketing’s initatives into the product.


Cutting Room Floor: Visual Explorations

One of the earliest explorations of Unlimited used the Postmates Plus Unlimited (old Unlimited) color scheme. I inherited this project from two other designers that started initial explorations using the Plus Unlimited colors. I used their work as a baseline and did numerous variants in explorations from copy and illustration changes to hierarchy and layout changes. Here are two of them:

Key stakeholders wanted a stronger differentiation from old Unlimited, so I scrapped all of the explorations and started from scratch. I went wide on the visual approach for the Unlimited experience, then got alignment on a final direction before creating all of the screens and states. Here are a few of the directions I explored:


Exploring Different Photographic Styles

Leveraging Various Illustration Styles

Bold Typography, Prominent Copy

Bold Typography with Strong Photography and Motion.


Motion Exploration

This project had a short timeline, and building motion into the experience would have increased the scope. Unfortunately, Eng. time wasn't something we had a lot of for this project, so I explored a few motion directions that we could incorporate as "fast" follows. This is one such exploration.

The Final Experience

There was a strong organizational desire to make the new value prop of Unlimited the focal part of the experience. Taking this desire into account, I got alignment from all key stakeholders in leveraging bold typography as the direction that best communicated the value prop. My hypothesis was that focusing on the value prop would convert better.

Final Deliverables


We wanted current members and users in the middle of their Unlimited trial to opt into new Unlimited upon first launch after rollout. If they didn’t opt in, they’d be rolled into it at the end of their billing cycle. I used Braze for this experience, and crafted copy differentiating the old terms from the new, while keeping the playful sassy tone of the brand.

Experience for Current Members & Mid-trial Users

Because new users would need to select a payment method, the transition from the Unlimited screens into payments needed to feel like one experience. I created an Unlimited specific payment experience to create a smooth experience from Unlimited intro and interstitial screens into Unlimited payments.

Select Screens and States for Payments

The Unlimited rollout included all three platforms. In addition to owning design for both iOS and Android, I created the screens and states for the entire Unlimited experience on web and designed a handful of core responsive screens so Engineering would know how the page should respond to smaller web sizes. Here are a few select screens:

Press & Public Reactions

The launch was successful, garnering numerous positive press coverage and positive public reactions. It exceeded expectations in conversions and percentage of users paying for Unlimited. Below are a few select articles and public reactions on the launch:

Food & Wine Magazine: Postmates Announces Free Delivery for Unlimited Members

TechCrunch: Postmates Expands Unlimited, a Prime-style Subscription Service, to 250k Merchants

Australian Rapper, Iggy Azalea, using the launch hashtag.

Australian Rapper, Iggy Azalea, using the launch hashtag.

Ryan Hoover, founder of Product Hunt and Jason Fried, founder of Basecamp reacting positively to Unlimited.

Ryan Hoover, founder of Product Hunt and Jason Fried, founder of Basecamp reacting positively to Unlimited.

Featured positive reactions from users.

Featured positive reactions from users.

Even Tinder got in on Unlimited’s launch. Postmates x Tinder x Chill? 😏

Even Tinder got in on Unlimited’s launch. Postmates x Tinder x Chill? 😏