Messaging from One Medical

One of the first projects I worked on at One Medical was Messaging. Messaging is a product that’s secure, encrypted, and HIPAA compliant. I owned the entire end-to-end Messaging experience on every platform: iOS, Android, web, and even email templates.


On full rollout to every market, engagement on Messaging went up by 20%. Monthly trendlines showed 30% continuous growth. Messaging also brought the business to HIPAA compliance with messaging security.

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visual design, user research, interaction design, product strategy


iOS, android, desktop web, mobile web, email templates



I kicked off the project with a deep dive on researching consumer behavior on communicating clinical information with doctors. I used the research to prototype a few directions and conducted a bodystorming exercise that exposed a few serious holes with one of the directions we were looking at, and used Slack to prototype the experience of another direction. The learnings were used to inform 3 final directions. We dedicated a full day of usability testing to test our three different approaches to messaging. This helped us learn what worked and what didn't in each of the prototypes.

Facilitating a full-day usability testing on the final three directions for the messaging prototype, with team members observing and taking notes.

On Shipping and Iterating

Once I finalized the experience, we split the work of the final deliverables between myself and one other designer on the consumer team. I crafted the end-to-end experience on web, delivered the Android experience, and designed the email templates. Messaging beta went live to a small percent of users to identify holes in the experience. I took over iOS before rolling out Messaging to 100% to design the improvements from our learnings. We found the need to communicate if a medical provider was out of office and to communicate an accurate service level agreement.

Featured Screens & States

Part of my design process includes designing every screen and state conceivable. What helps me to stay organized in this process is to map out the happy path user journey, design the high fidelity screens, then map the unhappy path branches off the happy path journey, and design those screens in high fidelity. I work closely with Engineering during this phase since they're often the functional partners that are the best at pointing out edge-cases that may have been missed. Here are a select number of screens & states for Messaging.