Memoir, a Personal Project

To learn how to code in Swift using Xcode, I took the iOS for Designers class from Codepath. The class has a group project where the top 3 move on to the public demo and present with the other cohorts. My team won 1st place for our app - and each of us received a Google Home!


Learning to code native iOS apps using Swift and Xcode. Winning 1st place at the public demo.


product definition, visual design, logo design, coding (swift)





My initial goal in learning to code in Swift was to create complex animations in a native environment. Learning iOS development also helped me understand scope and communicate with engineers better. For Team Memoir, we each had some level of existing coding skills. For this project, since each of our day jobs had us solving meaningful problems, we wanted to work on something playful with real world applications, that would also be attractive to people beyond just the tech industry. Below is a recording of our entire presentation and a demo of our app: 

Crafting a Memorable Experience

Videos are a rich way to capture a moment and to relive that memory later. However, they get lost in our Facebook feed, forgotten in our Dropbox account, or gone forever in Snapchat’s ephemeral experience. Enter Memoir — where photos come to life with memories captured by video. The Memoir experience was finalized after numerous iterations on the framework for the experience. I created the logo and designed the UI. My teammates and I split the screens when it came time to build in Xcode.